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Updated on Thursday, 4/28/2022.

This Week's Books:

Leonard #humor (2022-04-28)
  • the-fugitive
  • forrest-gump
  • the-notebook
  • face-off
  • top-gun
  • jurassic-park
  • lion-king
Jamie #fiction (2022-04-28)

It can happen to you, too – a smoky mirror, a weird tingle in the back of your neck. Before you know it, the vicissitudes of family life are driving you to dark fantasies that rattle cages and set wolves loose.

Casey #nonfiction (2022-04-28)

An engaging pop-psych piece from a brilliant Harvard psychologist. Take a dive into a specific type of human mind, but after reading there's no um, unreading.

Zoe #scifi (2022-04-28)

"For anybody who could use a break."

- The Author

Casey #mystery (2022-04-28)

Meet the world's most unlikely sleuths in this dark, comic, mystery thriller.

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Previous Picks:

Casey #scifi (2021-05-20)
  • Sci-Fi
  • Mythology
  • Suspense
  • Mystery
  • Robot
Zoe #fiction (2021-05-20)

Finding the balance between being good people and success in business in this uber-witty, snarky, outrageous novel.

Leonard #science (2021-05-20)

In a word: phenominal! The connection between walking upright and becoming a caring, empathetic species.

Jamie #historicalfiction (2021-05-20)

Embrace compassion in this heartwarming 1950s/1960s Massachusetts-set story.

Jamie #historicalfiction (2021-05-20)

What was World War II like for ordinary people? Keep calm and carry on.

Casey #mystery (2021-05-20)

A modern Rat Race with a sprinkle of 90s references; it's absolutely delightful!

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